Apple’s Final Cut gets Hollywood close-up

Apple’s Final Cut Pro X is finally ready for its big close-up. The software, derided by many professional video editors when it launched in 2011, was just used for the first time in a big Hollywood production: Focus,starring Will Smith and Margot Robbie. Final Cut X was relaunched as a way to bring video editing to the masses, aimed at both folks who were comfortable with Apple’s entry-level iMovie as well as more advanced journalists and pros. It competes with pro-level software from Avid and Adobe Premiere.

Focus directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa choose Final Cut for a simple reason: “We wanted to do the edit in a way that was quicker,” says Ficarra. The move produced “a lot of eye rolling and sympathetic prayers,” he adds. But the negativity about FCPX was based on “old information,” and not informed, he says.

He says the speed of the new FCPX enabled the directors and editing team to be able to cut the film as they were shooting, instead of after production wrapped. “It’s a totally different way to look at the process.”

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