Pro Video Formats 2.0 brings native MXF editing and OP1a export to Final Cut Pro X

Who says that Apple are not supporting pro users and broadcasters?   A great update to the Pro Video Formats which will bring some much needed MXF functionality to FCPX and Motion. This Pro Video Formats 2.0 update adds support for:

• Native import, edit, and share of MXF files with Final Cut Pro X and Motion
• MXF share presets for Compressor
• MXF OP1a export

Why is this important? A lot of broadcasters are turning to MXF as a delivery format, not just acquisition. AS-11 is a broadcast delivery standard in the UK which requires MXF with a whole list of metadata which FCPX is superbly equipped to supply. An update to FCPX brings native MXF import, editing and export along with bug fixes. So, probably the answer to where Hamburg Pro Media’s MXF code went to. This update brings native MXF to FCPX and OP1a export. Broadcasters are happy tonight.


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