Major Hollywood film Focus, starring Will Smith, edited entirely in Final Cut Pro X

Focus is a major motion picture from Warner Bros. opening on February 27, 2015. Starring Will Smith and Margot Robbie is edited entirely with Final Cut Pro X. After researching several workflows, Director Requa and Ficarra decided to cut their major studio feature entirely in Final Cut Pro X. The results were even better than they’d expected. The movie came in on time and under budget, and it played and looked just as they’d envisioned it. “We got exactly the film we set out to make,” says Requa. “What I love about Final Cut Pro X is that it allowed me to be involved with, and in control of, every aspect of making our film.”


Before the directors or editors even saw a frame, Final Cut Pro X was saving them time by efficiently organizing hours of footage. The crew used Mac Pro–equipped on-set mobile post systems from Light Iron — a cutting-edge Los Angeles–based post-production company — to generate dailies with metadata imported from the camera and the directors’ notes. Final Cut Pro X made all of this metadata searchable, while handling the full-resolution ProRes 4444 files with ease.

focus_movie posterUsing the Magnetic Timeline in Final Cut Pro X, they were able to easily swap whole parts of the story without worrying about knocking things out of sync. “To be able to yank out a sequence and have it just snap into place in the moment as you’re cutting, that’s huge,” says Ficarra. “I’ve cut on all the other systems, and I can easily say I’m three times faster on Final Cut Pro X..

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